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Non Slip Counter Mats from Nairnbrook

Are you looking for the best non slip counter mat for your bar and surface areas? With a non slip counter mat from Nairnbrook, you can keep your counter tops clean while promoting your business.

Why Do You Need a Non Slip Counter Mat for Your Surfaces?

A non slip counter mat is an excellent addition to any bar area, whether you own a business or are holding an event, non slip counter mats are perfect for you. Our non slip counter mats provide an easy to clean surface for patrons to sit (and sometimes spill) their drinks and come in a huge range of sizes, perfect for small or awkwardly shaped areas where a bar runner may not fit. Non Slip mats provide a secure, clean and attractive surface for drinks, allowing you to avoid the stress of constantly cleaning your surface areas.

Why Should You Choose Nairnbrook for Your Non Slip Mats?

At Nairnbrook, we offer high quality, personalisable non slip mats for all your bar areas. Our non slip bar runners are machine washable, easy to wipe clean and provide a secure surface for patrons to place their drinks. Counter mats are a great addition to any bar, providing the perfect opportunity to promote your business and any offers you may have. Nairnbrook creates exceptional counter mats which you can personalise for your business.

Are you looking for exceptional counter mats for your surface areas? At Nairnbrook, we create and provide outstanding print solutions for your business. Whether you own a bar, pub, hotel, restaurant or club, personalised mats are a great addition to any counter top.

Advertise Your Business, Special Offers and Events

Counter mats provide the perfect opportunity to advertise to people in your venue. Whether you hold a regular event, have special offers or would just like to advertise your business, counter mats are perfect for you.

At Nairnbrook, we create stunning, personalised mats for counter tops which can be used to promote your business to people already on your premises. By promoting your business to patrons, you can encourage them to come back time and time again. For example, your counter mats can be used to promote midweek deals to people who are in on weekends. This will encourage people to come back during the week on your quieter days, boosting midweek custom.

As well as advertising mid week deals and other offers, your mats can be used to promote events at your venue such as charity nights or a regular pub quiz, again, encouraging people to return to your business.

Easy to Clean

Counter mats also provide an easy to clean surface for all your counter tops. Our bar mats are machine washable and perfect for catching any spillages, helping to keep your surface areas clean and spill free.

Counter Mats from Nairnbrook

At Nairnbrook, we provide superior bar mats which can be personalised to suit your business. Whether you are looking to promote a special event or promotions on food and drink, or if you are simply looking to keep your counter tops clean, Nairnbrook can help you. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.

Nairnbrook’s Non Slip Counter Mat

For exceptional non slip counter mats for you, look no further than Nairnbrook. Get in touch today to find out more about our high quality, personalisable bar runners – perfect for any surface area.

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Non Slip Counter Mat

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