CASE STUDY | Scottish National Portrait Gallery & RIAS

Client: Scottish National Portrait Gallery and RIAS

Project: Out of their Heads: Building Portraits of Scottish Architects


2016 is a designated year in which Scotland’s achievements in innovation, architecture and design will be showcased across the globe.

The Festival of Architecture is a key feature in this exciting year-long celebration.

Out of their Heads: Building Portraits of Scottish Architects is part of this programme of events. Peer inside the minds of Scotland’s greatest ever architects, by admiring their portraits and encountering recreations of their most iconic designs.

Brief: There will be twelve ‘island’ stands in the exhibition, one for each of twelve famous architects. Each stand is composed of two interlocking panels. Each island is composed of a
large-scale vinyl (full size of panel) drawing of one of the featured architect’s most famous buildings. All drawings will be printed in black and white. The rest of each stand (including exposed edges) should be painted white.

The maximum size of each island is 2440mm square. Cutouts in the panels will allow two panels to ‘slot’ together, providing a stable, three-dimensional structure that will be used to hand portraits of the Architects.

There will also be floor graphics of the areas around each building as well as supporting informational graphics around the exhibition area.

Solution: we produced to units out of 18mm MDF, 4 8’x4’ panels where glued together to create a panels size 2440mm x 2440mm wide then cut to shape at the top to create the skyline effect. These were then spray painted and clad in vinyl.

Nairnbrook’s team of professional installers in action.

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