Searching for new business marketing ideas? As a new business, marketing is essential for growing and establishing your business. From enticing new customers in to ensuring that they return again, there are a number of things you need to consider when marketing your new business. Fortunately, at Nairnbrook, we offer an extensive range of new business marketing ideas to help you get started as well as further the growth of your business.

Time Sensitive Buzz

A great way to excite customers and create a sense of urgency is to create a time-sensitive offer. This may be 10% off for a week, or a special offer for new customers to the store, anything to get your target market talking. By setting a time limit on the offer, you create buzz and excitement around the offer, forcing customers to act now, or miss out on the offer. This is a great way to gain new customers and boost your sales early on in your business journey. Additionally, this will get people talking about your business, helping you to benefit from word of mouth advertising. In-store banners and posters around the local area telling customers about the deal and their last chance to save money is the perfect way to get customers flooding through the doors of your new business.

Lead the Way

Another exciting way to engage with your customers and entice new ones is to lead them to your business. Whether you use signs or footprint stickers on the ground, these are great ways to lead potential customers to your business. Have the signs or stickers lead to your store, to ensure that customers can’t help but follow them to your business, leading to sales and hopefully some new, loyal customers.

floor stickers - new business marketing ideas

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Bring Them Back

Once you have enticed your customers and got them into your business, it is important that you get them to return. Exclusive offers to returning customers in the form of a leaflet or flyer is a great option, guaranteeing that your happy customers will be back for more. Bold and memorable in-store branding is also a great way to bring customers back to your store. This may be in the form of bold wall stickers or eye-catching banners, ensuring that they remember your store. For the likes of bars and restaurants, personalised bar runners are also a great, subtle way to bring customers back to your store. Displaying your branding, latest offers or upcoming offers at your bar area will catch the attention of your customers, ensuring that they return time and time again.

New Business Marketing Ideas

With so many new business marketing ideas to choose from, it’s time to start your new business marketing campaign. At Nairnbrook, we can help implement your new business marketing ideas with our wide range of advertising solutions. Whatever you may be looking for, you can be sure that we can help you.

Start advertising your new business today.