Are you planning an event this summer? There are so many festival promotion ideas that the team at Nairnbrook help to bring to life. Don’t miss the opportunity to promote your festival this summer!

We offer the printing of a range of indoor and outdoor signage, which will no doubt help to promote your event. After working with a huge variety of businesses, we know how valuable it is to have well thought out advertising, no matter if it’s indoor personalised bar runners or outdoor banners!

Festival Promotion Ideas from Nairnbrook Printing Services

festival promotion ideas

Nairnbrook can help with your festival promotion.

Indoor & Outdoor Banners

Depending on the size and reach of the event you are organising, you may only opt for indoor or outdoor banners. Banner promotions for your festival are essential. For a smaller festival, displaying banner promotions roadside or in towns around the local area will immediately catch the attention of residents and people passing through. Also, for an event with a small audience, it is a great idea to advertise with indoor banners. Indoor banners can be moved easily from place to place and are often found at pubs and restaurants. If you are organising a large event, outdoor banners are more suitable. We offer indoor and outdoor banners in a range of different weatherproof and durable materials.

Exterior Signage

An essential when advertising for an event, exterior signage can be used for lots of different purposes. It can provide festival-goers with directions towards the entrance, additional information (for example, what is allowed into the festival) or the promotion of something specific at the festival (a food stand or cash machine). We can help you devise what is needed at your event, and be immediately on hand for printing; creating clear outdoor signs you can use again and again!

Product Branding

Our final tip when it comes to promoting your festival is the inclusion of product branding. Nairnbrook can provide you with any printed branding and packaging you may need! This service will allow you to put your festival logo or branding on any products on sale at your festival, which will increase the brand recognition and encourage people attending to come back next year!

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