Attending an upcoming exhibition or conference? Nairnbrook will provide you with a range of exhibition stand printing or advertising services!

At Nairnbrook, we think it’s very important to maintain a high standard of promotion, for any business, in any industry. If you are exhibiting soon, we have a huge range of services for your business to make use of. As well as advertising for events and conferences, we are proud to provide pub and restaurant advertising. We offer the printing of; bar runners, rubber bar mats and custom made runners!

Exhibition Stand Printing – Types of Exhibition and Conference Advertising

roller banners exhibition event advertising

There are so many different types of effective exhibition advertising!

Strut Cards

One of the most common ways to advertise your business at a conference or exhibition is using strut cards. Strut cards are perfect if you need to display any branding, an exclusive promotional deal or any additional product information. It is a simple, but very effective way of drawing attention to your stand at an event.

Link2 Roller Banner

Another way of advertising your business effectively at an exhibition; is by using a Nairnbrook printed Link2 Roller Banner. This type of banner is ideal to use at exhibitions and conferences because of its light weight. Also, because the graphic can be changed easily and the roller banner can be linked with others, this banner can be used as an exhibition back drop!

Pop Up Systems

Our final suggestion when it comes to exhibition stand printing services is a pop up system. A pop up system from Nairnbrook can be used anywhere – from retail space and restaurants to exhibitions and trade shows. Being very easy to transport, it is a go-to advertising option for many of our clients! We offer different pop up system packages and, depending on your needs, we will recommend the most appropriate. These packages offer different frames, cases and the option to add lights to your display! Choose to design a pop up system display with the team from Nairnbrook and your business will catch lots of attention at the next event.

It is so simple to have effective advertising at an exhibition, yet businesses often make mistakes! Take a look at our last post to find out more about what to avoid when planning promotion at your next event.

Welcome new clients at your next exhibition thanks to effective advertising from Nairnbrook.