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Exhibition Display System Design Ideas from Nairnbrook

exhibition design ideas

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Create a Meeting Place

When it comes to designing an exhibition display system, the most valuable piece of advice our team can provide is to make sure it has a meeting place! Many businesses at these events are likely to have a desk and chairs, which can be quite intimidating. Incorporate a place where potential clients and people having a browse of your products/services can come in and find out more! Getting rid of the barrier between you and the customer (the desk), makes your business seem more informal and open to chatting.

Include Digital Screens and Interactivity

Another piece of advice we often give to clients who are exhibiting is to use digital displays and signage effectively. If there is a digital display that features videos/pictures; you are going to catch the eyes of passers-by. Also, why not incorporate something interactive into your display? If your products can be demonstrated give exhibition-goers a preview! It even might be worthwhile to start a social media competition specific to that event. Do something that differentiates you from the other businesses.

Colour-Filled and Clear Exhibition Display Designs

Our final tip is to make a clear and interesting exhibition display system. To those at nearby at the event and far away, it needs to be obvious who your company is and what you are offering. Don’t overcomplicate the design of your display, this will get in the way of promoting your business. If you are unsure what display system would be most effective or appropriate for your company; Nairnbrook are on hand with some helpful suggestions!

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