Are you currently designing custom exhibition stands? Don’t fall into the trap of boring display design, here’s what to avoid!

At Nairnbrook, we take time and care when designing and printing any form of signage, branding or promotional material. We are passionate about ensuring clients have consistent branding. This is why we are proud to offer such a diverse range of printing products – suitable for use in and outdoors. From bar runners to custom exhibition stands – we can guarantee your needs are put first in everything we produce!

custom exhibition stands

Nairnbrook can print your stand, it doesn’t matter what the exhibition or event is!

Designing Custom Exhibition Stands – What to Avoid

Ineffective Layout

Many exhibition systems are designed to only provoke interest as opposed to encourage customer interaction and experience. If your exhibition system consists of a poorly designed sign and a table below it, why does that say about your business? Make sure that while designing your exhibition stand, you are thinking about how you want your business to be perceived. Ensure the custom exhibition stands you have designed consist of a wide array of signage. This will make it easier for potential clients to learn about your company. Also, ensure there is a meeting place is incorporated somewhere in your exhibition stand – this will encourage customer engagement.

Inconsistent Branding

Another thing that businesses are often guilty of doing is branding their products/promotional materials inconsistently. There is no point in branding one part of your exhibition system and not the rest! Make sure your team put in the time and effort required to design branding you can easily apply to the rest of the stand. Attending an exhibition to promote the services or products of your business, when there’s nothing for potential clients to remember you by, is a big mistake.

Unoriginal Design and Execution

Finally, when it comes to designing custom exhibition stands, make sure your creations are original! If you are unsure about the best way to tackle the design, Nairnbrook will be more than happy to help you! Make sure your exhibition design goes beyond the obvious, look online for inspiration; why not create an audio-visual experience? Also, look at our last post for more exhibition stand design ideas.

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