Are you creating your first outdoor advertising banner? Follow these tips when designing your outdoor banner and notice an immediate difference!

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Outdoor Advertising Banner Design Tips from Nairnbrook

outdoor advertising banner

Nairnbrook can help design and print your outdoor advertising banner!

Keep it Simple

It is very tempting to go over the top when designing an outdoor advertising banner. Filling every inch of the banner with content and images is overwhelming for a passerby. Don’t try too hard to put across every message! Less is more, so use simple big and bold lettering, that someone is more likely to process quickly. It doesn’t matter if there is a bit of blank space – make it professional and on brand, there is little more that you can do!

Use High-Resolution Images

It is very important to use high-quality images. This banner is a representation of your brand, if you include a poor standard of images on it, you are bringing your brand image down! Use images that you own to make it more personal. Also, if you choose images from the internet be cautious of copyright laws!

Only Include Relevant Information

When it comes to designing your outdoor advertising banner; make sure you only include essential information. On a banner, there is only a certain amount of space and that space needs to be used effectively. Include a concise statement, relevant contact information and a couple of graphics. Banners are more often than not placed roadside, and so, it must be able to catch the attention of a driver!

Choose Colour Carefully

Our final tip is to choose the colours you use carefully. Colour can completely change the design and perception of the banner. Make sure the colours you choose for the text and background compliment each other. Also, don’t stray from the colours of your brand!

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