Nairnbrook provides a large format digital printing service which includes, but is not limited to, outdoor banners, promotional posters, portable and bespoke exhibition systems, window vinyls, wallpaper, and interior and exterior signage.

We use a range of different printing processes including Aqueous, latex, solvent and dye sublimation depending on the end use of the products being produced for our clients.

Just as important as the print is the finishing process so we have invested in the best laminating, cutting and finishing equipment to ensure superior results for our clients.

Aqueous print is environmentally friendly and generally used for indoor applications such as promotional posters which are a very cost effective and efficient way to promote retail offers.

Latex inks water-based formulations reduce the impact of printing on the environment. They produce durable printing for outdoor and indoor applications. Prints look very good for signage applications.

Solvent printers produce a very durable, scratch resistant product that is typically used for outdoor applications such as banners, vinyls, etc. They print on uncoated materials and essentially “etch” the surface of the material to bond securely to the substrate.

Dye sublimation printing is a heat transfer process which is used to print onto a range of substates including soft textiles and solid panels. This process opens up a whole new level of product we can now offer our clients including bar runners, tiles, splash backs, cushions, flags, etc.

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